Express Treatments

Are you in need of a few treatments but just don’t have the time?

Does your skin need a boost? Do your nails crave some attention? Are you in desperate need of a leg wax? Many people want all this done and more, but only have a short period of time to fit it all into; sometimes as short as a lunch break. If this sounds like you, then our express range of treatments are exactly what you need, where you can have as many treatments as possible fitted into a one hour session.

All treatments are divided into time segments and many of them can be applied consecutively. For example, while enjoying a mask, tint or heat treatment, you are able to have another treatment or two of 15 mins or less. Or, alternatively, a manicure can be split into two segments, each applied at different times. If you’re not sure how your treatments will fit in with each other just get in touch and we can work out the most time efficient package that suits you!

1 hour – £55

Beauty Treatments


30 mins
Express manicure
Express pedicure
Gel nails – hands or feet
Celebrity brows*
Body scrub

25 mins
Express facial*
Eyelash & eyebrow tint*
File & varnish nails of hands & feet

20 mins
Express back & neck massage
Express deep tissue back & neck massage
Indian head massage
Eyelash tint*
1/2 leg wax

15 mins
Eyebrow shape (pluck, wax or thread)
Lip & chin wax or thread
Under arm wax
Bikini wax
Manicure mask & heated mittens*
Pedicure mask & heated booties*
File & varnish hands or feet

10 mins
Shoulder massage
Foot & leg massage
Hand & arm massage
Back scrub
Leg scrub
Lip wax or thread
Chin wax or thread
Sides of face threading

5 mins
Eyebrow tidy

*During these treatments you may choose one or two other treatments of 15 minutes or less.

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Extra time is priced at £10 for every 15 minutes.